Do Your Clothes Need Some Love?

Mended tea-towel with a block-print of a crab.

Make Do and Mend

The fast fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to pollution in the world. Mending clothing (and other textiles) and extending its life span helps consumers reduce the environmental impact of their fashion choices. 

Darning on the waist-band of a pair of linen pants.

Mend, don't spend

Are your favorite clothes falling apart? Do they have mysterious stains on them that won't come out? Do you wish you could make them last longer? Visible mending is a way to make loved clothes last, and update your wardrobe with unique one-of-a-kind pieces. 

A stain on a cotton shirt is covered up with a darned patch using variegated thread.

Mended with Love

Send me an email and I'd be happy to mend your worn, but loved, clothing and other textiles (or new-to-you, but damaged, clothing and textiles). We'll work out a vision and price and get your clothing back into rotation!